Tattoo removal can be time consuming but worth the time investment for removing unsightly and unwanted tattoos from your skin. Contact us today to find out more.

Tattoo Removal Treatments Buckinghamshire

Tattoo removal is a simple and effective procedure that can be used in the partial covering up or full removal of tattoos. Many people have tattoos they wish to remove, and with a few easy treatments, a tattoo can be completely removed from the skin. Once the tattoo is fully removed by the correct amount of treatments, there is no after care required, and the skin will renew as if the tattoo was never there in the first place. The tattoo removal procedure can be carried out in all area’s of the body including intimate and sensitive areas.

How does tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal Buckinghamshire is renowned as the safest and most effective method for removing tattoos. Using the laser, the clinician will inject the skin with an intense light beam. This light beam will break down the ink particles in the tattoo. The laser is not strong enough to be harmful to the skin and only targets the parts of the skin with pigmentation in them. Instead of one stream of light, laser tattoo removal uses short, sharp bursts of light. It will take some sessions for the tattoo to be fully removed, but these will be harmless to your skin. Laser tattoo removal {name] is considered not to be painful – with most patients describing the feeling like an elastic band pinching against their skin.


What is the aftercare for laser tattoo removal Buckinghamshire?

After the treatment has been fully completed there is no aftercare for laser tattoo removal. The only time you will need to be mindful of the procedure is in between treatments. The laser treatment works by creating a superficial wound to break down the pigmentation. In the 24 hours after treatment, a cold compress can help reduce inflammation. 1 – 2 weeks after treatment it is recommended to avoid sun exposure.

When you have completed your final treatment, you will be invited back to see how to removal has healed. When you go for this consultation, you will be advised when you can venture into the sun again.

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