Milia is a cyst caused by the protein keratin lying beneath the top layer of the skin. See more information on milia removal treatments from Spire

Milia Removal Buckinghamshire

Milia removal treatments Buckinghamshire: Safe and effective ways of removing Milia

Suffering from Milia can be annoying and have an effect on your self esteem. Many people all over the world deal with this problem on a daily basis. Milia are small white spots, and often referred to as ‘Milk Spots’. They are common in young infants but also occur in adults too. Milia can often be caused by over-use of skin care products or using anti-ageing preparations that are too rich for your skin . While they aren’t a medical risk, many people with Milia feel better about themselves if they are removed. There are a wide variety of possibilities to remove Milia in a professional clinic setting Buckinghamshire.

Medical treatments

The best treatment for removing Milia will really depend on how many Milia you have and whereabouts they are on your face.

Effective treatments to remove Milia will start at your consultation often with advice on using gentle exfoliants first. These sorts of products will start to soften up the epidermis that covers the Milia, making them easier to remove. Long term they can also prevent Milia development.


Milia removal treatments Buckinghamshire

The most common type of removal of Milia is performed using a medical needle.The epidermis is cleaned then the needle is used to make a small incision. The contents of the Milia are then carefully removed, to reduce any upset to the skin’s balance.

Some types of Milia cannot be removed with this method and instead Milia removal would be performed with a Hyfrecator. This works by cauterizing the epidermis and using small electrical impusles to extract the debris that a needle can’t remove.

Sometimes in the case of Milia removal Buckinghamshire it is possible to prescribe topical creams or medications to help, but it really is dependent on each individual case.

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