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Earfold® Treatments Buckinghamshire

Is EarFold treatment right for you?

Until recently, people who wanted to reduce the prominence of their ears only had a limited number of options. Most ended up opting for invasive surgery. This could be a time-consuming and tricky process and carried all the risks and drawbacks that come with surgery performed under a general anaesthetic.

EarFold treatments Buckinghamshire could change all of that. The treatment is undertaken out under a local anaesthetic, reducing the recovery time and risk associated with the surgery. Before the procedure begins, you’ll have a consultation with your surgeon who will explain everything involved. They will also help you choose the position which your ears will sit in once the surgery is complete.

EarFold is different to more traditional cosmetic surgery because it relies on a tiny, curved implant. Unlike other options, this makes it possible for you to choose the position your ears will sit in before the surgery begins. With more traditional methods, this isn’t possible. The simplicity of the treatment also reduces the recovery time after the surgery. This means that you could be back at work or school the day after your EarFold treatment is complete.

The EarFold procedure Buckinghamshire itself can take as little as 20 minutes for both ears. Your ears may feel numb for a short time after the surgery is complete. Typically this usually disappears after a couple of hours. There’s also the slight possibility of swelling or pain in the area around your ears for a few days after the surgery. This should pass quickly, and your surgeon will explain all of these side effects to you before the procedure starts.

If you suffer embarrassment due to the prominence of your ears or your child is the victim of teasing at school, then the EarFold procedure is an option worth considering. It’s a quick and easy procedure that could have a massive impact on your life.

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