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What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that causes a person to have spots. These spots can appear as either white heads or black heads, and they usually appear on the back, face and chest. Acne is normal while teens are going through puberty, but when they start hitting the twenties, their symptoms usually get much better. Any hormonal problems can also cause acne, such as pregnancy or a hormonal imbalance. Acne occurs when too much oil is produced by the skin glands, and your pores get clogged up. The oilier the skin, the worse the acne usually becomes. Sometime the oil will be perfect for bacteria, so your body’s natural reaction is to cause inflammation which causes redness around the spot and causes puss. Suitable treatments are usually creams, antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and then face wash routine treatments. Acne can not be cured outright, but it can be controlled.

What are the benefits from treatment?

Creams are probably the least likely to cause major side effects. Tt is a simple and easy treatment to include in your daily routine. The creams can help balance the skin’s oil, therefore, unblocking pores. This should reduce the chances of having inflamed, sore spots, reducing the redness of the skin. Most acne treatments will in effect dry out the skin, so you may notice your skin is dryer. However, after the treatment, you can balance the dryness and oil with balancing face washes and skin treatments. Drinking lots of water will also do wonders to help your skin balance out. Antibiotics can be a little harsher than creams.

This is mostly because you are ingesting this into your entire body, not just the target on the skin. More intense antibiotics will need more monitoring than others. However, the results are usually amazing. Antibiotics kill bacteria, which like the creams can reduce the redness and inflammation, causing you less pain. The contraceptive pill will help your acne by potentially re-balancing your hormones. This can reduce the oil production in the skin, which in turn means your pores are not going to be as clogged and so you will notice fewer spots. This can also have other great benefits, your mood might get much better, and you may notice other problems calming down also. These treatments can uplift your self-image and confidence, make you healthier, promote better eating habits and reduce pain.

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